What is the Y Lift®?

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The Y Lift also called the Closed Facelift ™, is a facelifting procedure offered by Dr. Finger using “Fillers” alone.

Haven’t we been using fillers for lifting the face for years already? What makes it different?

Yes, the Y Lift Treatment is nothing new to Savannah and technically, the Y Lift® is a form of surgery. Insurgent is made through a small needle hole. Fillers typically are injected into the soft tissues of the face in areas of deficiency. When young, there are very few hollows, depressions, and concavities in the face. With the aging process, we lose both bone volume and facial fat. The result is sagging, wrinkles, and the depressions in the skin (much like a beach ball losing air).


What’s the Difference about the Y Lift Facelift?

The difference with the Y Lift® is the premise that bone loss is the most significant volume loss for the face that occurs with aging. The bone loss occurs virtually everywhere in the face, including the mandible (jaw) the maxilla (the bone that houses the upper teeth), and the cheekbone. The orbital bone for the eye, and the nasal opening in the skull, both get larger with bone loss. Everywhere there is bone we lose our foundational support as we age. Example: Loss of bone in the skull behind the nose causes the nose to droop. Loss of the bony orbital opening for the eyes causes hollows and bags under the eyes. In short, the skull is the support for the soft tissues of the face.

Experience The Latest Nonsurgical Facelift The Y Lift - Savannah, Georgia- by Dr. Finger How Does the Treatment Work?

Dr. Finger places a specific filler under the periosteal covering a membrane that attaches to the bone like Velcro of the bone. We take the needle and inject the filler into a closed space between the periosteum and bone. The only opening into this space is the needle hole from the filler injection. This returns the bone thickness back to a more youthful volume. Because of this deep placement, the filler cannot leak out, causing a hydraulic effect that lifts the face. Since the filler remains in this closed subperiosteal space, it lifts more and lasts much longer than fillers placed in the soft tissue.

Where is Y Lift Facelift Effective?

When the jaw loses volume, the face-neck junction becomes less defined and older looking, and the neck sags. The most attractive youthful face has a well-defined face-neck junction. The Y Lift also diminishes the dreaded jowl. As we age, there is also a loss of the nice rounded chin “button,” and this often needs restoring as well. Because the Y Lift Facelift corrects by restoring the bone volume with fillers, the appearance is entirely natural-looking and long-lasting.

The same subperiosteal (under the periosteum) procedure is performed for the cheekbone, maxilla, and hollow under the lower eyelid. The shape and volume of the supporting structures are restored in these places when needed resulting in a naturally youthful appearance.


Who is a Good Candidate for the Y Lift Facelift?

Y Lift is an excellent option for those in their 30’s to mid-’50s in Savannah, GA and Bluffton, SC who are just beginning to see the beginning of jowls and sagging of the jowl area.

Older patients with lots of sagging skin may want to consider combining a skin tightening procedure such as a facelift, with the Y-Lift as a complementary procedure.

For younger patients, the Y Lift is an exceptional treatment for defining the jawline, and this is effective for both women and men.

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