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Introducing The Newest Non-Surgical Facelift 

The Silhouette Instalift

Finger & Associates is now offering the Instalift, another first for Dr. E. Ronald Finger, who was the first board certified Plastic Surgeon in Savannah Ga. The Silhouette Instalift is a newly FDA-approved procedure to address the aging of the mid-facial skin. Volume Loss is common during the aging process. One of the other main contributors to an aged and tired appearance is sun damage, another is smoking, which contributes to wrinkles, fine lines and overall skin laxity of the face. Cosmetic medical techniques have advanced greatly in recent years.  Many aspects of facial aging can be addressed with safe and effective procedures that offer little downtime and natural-looking results, but Instalift has unique advantages.

“This Nonsurgical Facelift” does not require surgery or general anesthesia and Dr. Finger is one of a handful of surgeons in the USA that will be offering this Aesthetic Treatment in his Savannah Ga Office.

While wrinkles, brown spots, and lost volume can be treated with existing procedures, such as the Fraxel Laser, New Youth Skin Care, and Micro-Needling, and fillers, until now there has been no minimally invasive way to lift the deeper layers of mid-facial skin, one of the major contributors to an aged and tired appearance. The Instalift is unique and effective for moderate volume loss. Dr. Finger will be combining the Instalift with ThermiTight for the neck and lower face. ThermiSmooth or ThermiTight and any Fraxel Laser Treatment in the same area of the face has to be performed 2-4 weeks prior to the Instalift. Injectables such as Restylane or Juvederm may be injected after the treatment. Dr. Finger will determine the time frame with each patient.


Silhouette InstaLift is a simple procedure to re-contour your face, lifting the deeper layers of your skin for a more youthful appearance.  Dr. Finger will assess whether Instalift is suitable for you and set realistic expectations to ensure you achieve the results you desire. Sometimes a traditional Facelift may still be the way to go. Silhouette Instalift Instalift is ideal for mild to moderate cases of midface volume loss. During the procedure, Dr. Finger will use sutures with tiny bi-directional cones to reposition and elevate the skin on your face. Over time the sutures will naturally be absorbed by your body while stimulating the production of collagen and releasing growth factors much like Sculptra Aesthetics. The cones are made of the same material as medical stitches and work to gently tighten the skin. Collagen will continue to be stimulated up to 6 months. The results of Instalift last from 18 months to  2 years and can be ideal for women in their 40’s, 50’s and even older, depending on the individual and their skin quality. Men could benefit as well, and Dr. Finger can certainly advise and make recommendations during your complimentary consult. Consults and this in office procedure can be conducted in both office locations, Savannah and Bluffton SC.



This in-office procedure typically takes approximately 30-45 minutes to complete.  You will see immediate results and have no recovery time after the procedure. Slight swelling and bruising can be addressed with topical and oral products like Arnica. Call 912-354-4411 to schedule your consult with Dr. Finger or book online. The results of the Silhouette Instalift last for around 18 months. The cost of the procedure starts at $3,000, a fraction of the cost of a surgical facelift. We are currently offering great introduction rates for the Instalift and will also be offering combination Anti-Aging Treatment Packages. Skin Texture can be addressed with the New Youth Skin Care System, which can be purchased at a reduced rate of 10% when combined with the Instalift.

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