NeoGraft Hair Restoration

We offer NeoGraft FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Hair Restoration as a minimally invasive alternative to the FUT Strip Hair Transplant. Dr. E. Ronald Finger, the Medical Director of Hair Restoration Savannah, is a board-certified Plastic Surgeon with over 40 years of medical experience. He welcomes you to Hair Restoration Savannah and encourages you to research your options in the area of Hair Restoration.

Dr. E. Ronald  Finger at Hair Restoration Savannah was the 1st Neograft provider in Savannah Georgia. This website was created to give anyone searching for “Hair Loss Solutions” the information and option to learn more about the latest Hair Transplant Methods available today. Dr. Finger offers both Hair Transplant methods and performs the FUT Strip Hair Transplant method for many patients.

Neither Hair Restoration methods do not require general anesthesia and both methods can be ideal to regrow hair for the right candidates.

To find out more about our procedures and to understand the pros and cons of both Hair Restoration Methods, please visit this page. PRP Therapy in combination with Hair Restoration can have a powerful effect on the regrowth of grafted hair and encourage healing and hair growth.

Hair loss can appear in a variety of ways— a receding hairline, overall hair thinning, balding crown, or thinning eyebrows— but in any circumstance, the loss of hair will change a person’s appearance and have a huge effect on his or her self-esteem and self-identity. The appearance of healthy, full hair can boost confidence and is considered a sign of beauty and youth, for both men and women of all ethnic backgrounds.

Hair Transplant procedures can restore the thickness and placement of your hair permanently and Neograft does not create a linear scar. Those suffering from receding, balding, or thinning hair can regrow hair without the noticeable hair plugs of the past. In male pattern baldness or example, one might need to do the crown and the receding hairline, which can require a large number of follicles at one time. The FUT method might be the procedure to choose if that is the case.  Male pattern baldness is a progressive genetic form of hair loss in men. Women can also suffer from this type of hair loss, but often women experience different types of hair loss that has to be diagnosed and treated by a qualified physician like Dr. E. Ronald Finger.

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Neograft – Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) does not require sutures, stitches or extensive healing time, and up to 2500 grafts at one time can be harvested with this type of hair transplant. Dr. Finger can advise you on which Hair Restoration method is the best option for you.

Benefits and Advantages of the NeoGraft FUE Method

  • No Scalpel
  • No Stitches
  • No Linear Scar
  • No general anesthesia
  • Ideal for all ethnicities
  • Ideal for short hair
  • Individualized, precise placement of hair follicles
  • Thicker, fuller healthier hair
  • More natural-looking results

Benefits and Advantages of the FUT Strip Method

  • Harvest more Follicles (in one procedure)
  • No general anesthesia needed
  • Natural results
  • Takes less time than FUE
  • Minimal recovery (7-10 days)
  • No visible Scar (unless the patient has extremely short hair)
  • Ideal for women and men
  • Ideal for all ethnicities

We offer consultations at our Savannah office and our Bluffton office All procedures are performed in Savannah Ga.

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