Gummy Bear Implants Explained

The question from patients was “Do you use Gummy Bear Implants?” Several patients have asked me if I use “Gummy Bear” Breast Implants. To help patients understand what those actually [...]

What is the Y Lift?

The Y Lift also called the Closed Facelift, is a NONSURGICAL facelifting procedure offered by Dr. Finger using “Fillers” alone. Dr. Finger is an authorized provider of the Y Lift [...]

The Logic Behind New Youth Cosmeceuticals® by Dr. E. Ronald Finger

Skin Rejuvenation is possible with New Youth Skin Care  What happens to the skin with aging and why? To answer the “why,” it’s easiest to think of the skin as a product of the underlying cells. [...]

Nose Job (Rhinoplasty) by Dr. E. Ronald Finger

What is a ‘Nose Job’ (Rhinoplasty) and what does it involve?  Technically, it’s called a Rhinoplasty.  Noses come in all varieties of shapes and sizes, usually from one’s heritage or injuries. [...]

Dysport Versus Botox Explained

Dysport versus Botox which should you choose    If you are considering treatment to smooth out your forehead wrinkles (crows-feet) and frown lines, learn more about Botox versus Dysport. [...]

Silhouette Instalift Results

Silhouette Instalift Results The Nonsurgical Facelift as seen on “THE DOCTORS TV SHOW” WHAT IS THE SILHOUETTE INSTALIFT? The Silhouette InstaLift is one of the latest nonsurgical [...]

PRP Therapy for Hair Loss

PRP Therapy, the non-surgical solution for Hair Loss When hair starts to thin, anxiety and lack of self-confidence start to kick in. Hair Loss can be devastating, especially when it happens [...]

HOW TO KEEP Youthful Skin

How To Keep Youthful Skin Forever First, carefully choose your ancestors.  Of course, that is not an option. Those closer to the Equator have thicker skin and more melanin, thus age slower and [...]

Facelifts and Rejuvenation of the Face

Facelifts and Rejuvenation Questions and Answers  We often get questions about how to turn back the clock and what procedure or treatment is best to look youthful. Well, there is not one simple [...]

Permanent Makeup Services & Medical Tattooing

Permanent Makeup Services & Medical Tattooing are now offered at our Savannah Location  Permanent Makeup Services by Becky Brinson our Surgical Technologist and Permanent Makeup Artist are [...]

Cosmetic Procedures for the Face Explained

What are some of the common Cosmetic Procedures for the Face? Top Cosmetic Procedures for the Face include: FACELIFT: Though nonsurgical options for the face are at an all-time high, one of the [...]

The Tummy Tuck & Body Lift Procedure

My experience with Tummy Tuck and Body Lifting Procedures This is a review of improvements in tummy tucks after 48 years of performing them. My first tummy tucks (abdominoplasties) were done [...]

Plastic Surgery Trends – The Butt Enhancement Craze!

Plastic Surgery’s Latest Craze: Butt Enhancement via Fat Transfer or Sculptra The Butt Enhancement Craze is taken over headlines and online publications are featuring articles frequently. A [...]

Less Known Cosmetic Procedures – by Dr. E. Ronald Finger, board certified Plastic Surgeon, Savannah

Less Known Cosmetic Procedures Everyone knows about facelifts, eyelid lifts, nose jobs, mommy make-overs, and various breast procedures. This article will give you some ideas to enhance your look [...]

Botox and Dysport to get rid of Frown Lines & Crows Feet

Botox and Dysport Explained Both Botox and Dysport use the botulinum toxin from bacteria to reduce or eliminate certain wrinkles of the face.  The toxin has been isolated, purified, and [...]