My Experience with Hair Transplants

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Less Known Cosmetic Procedures – by Dr. E. Ronald Finger, board certified Plastic Surgeon, Savannah

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Hair Transplant: NeoGraft or Strip?

Hair Transplant: NeoGraft versus Strip Method! Hair [...]

Should a man of 30 or less with a receding hairline use NeoGraft or any hair transplant method to lower his hairline on his forehead?

My [...]

Nutrients for Hair Growth

Recently taken from the November, 2014 Women’s Health magazine [...]

Hair Transplant for Women

Hair transplants are not just for men. In fact, about 25% of our [...]

Most commonly asked questions about NeoGraft hair transplantation:

Q. How long will the [...]

Hair Transplant for Men and Women with NeoGraft

It’s a pretty uniform statement that no one [...]

Welcome NeoGraft© to Finger and Associates

Finger and Associates is once again the first to [...]