A New Effective Solution to treat Cellulite

You Can Now treat Cellulite in a  single treatment with an FDA cleared device called “Aveli”

Aveli the single treatment solution for cellulite

Many women around the globe struggle with Cellulite and we have a few solutions, Aveli however is the latest treatment option we will offer at Finger and Associates in Savannah, GA. 

What is Cellulite and who is affected by it? 

Cellulite represents unwanted dimples in the buttocks and outer thighs in 85% of women over 21 years old. Both overweight and thin women suffer from cellulite and nearly 100% of those that have cellulite dislike the problem immensely. It often affects self esteem and the overall mental wellbeing of many. 

What is the cause of cellulite? 

Fibrous bands attach the skin to the underlying muscle, much like the buttons on a sofa pillow. If one cuts the thread between the opposing buttons, the depression under the button goes away. Similar, but not so simple in the case of cellulite. 

Multiple procedures to sever the fibrous bands have been used to diminish the cellulite dimples by simply cutting the bands with lasers or blades. (Cellfina is one of them) All of these work to a point but some had inherent problems from inadequate results to long recovery times to multiple incisions sites. 

Why  Aveli to treat Cellulite? 

Because the Aveli device is the most effective cellulite device, using the latest technology available on the Aesthetic Market today! 

The Advantages of Aveli are:

  • One small incision in the gluteal crease for all the dimples per side
  • Less local anesthesia, less drainage and less recovery 
  • A retractable small robotic arm that allows for testing to view if all bands have been severed 
  • A small blade to cut all bands that contribute to the dimple (little to no scarring) 
  • A bright light to be seen through the skin to locate the depth of the device

Aveli Device

The Science Behind Aveli

Clinical Studies have shown  that these bands are not only perpendicular (vertical)  to the dimple. Many come from around the dimple obliquely (at an angle). With the Aveli device all contributing factors can be located with ease, tested, and served until they are all released.

One-year studies demonstrate significant reduction of the cellulite in both buttocks and thighs. This is a one-time procedure and as mentioned above by Dr. E. Ronald Finger, our experienced Plastic Surgeon, the procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Additionally, there is only one tiny scar in the buttocks crease, and the recovery time is an average of 1-3 days.

Before and after Aveli to treat Cellulite

Previous Solutions to treat Cellulite at Finger & Associates in Savannah

The most efficacious results used at Finger and Associates until now has been the Cellfina procedure and the results have been fairly good, but it required longer than desired recovery times and caused a tiny scar for every treated cellulite dimple.  Technology is constantly changing and progressing and Aveli is the smart choice. 

Interested in learning more? Talk to Dr. Finger about whether Aveli is right for you! Dr. Finger will first determine if you are a candidate by evaluating the skin’s integrity and the severity of the cellulite. Contact us by submitting the form below or call us at 912-354-4411 to get started. 

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