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Quickllift Face LiftQuickLift for Facial Rejuvenation


I have been doing face lifts for many decades and have literally done thousands. When I learned how to do face lifts in my residency, I was very unhappy with them. They didn’t appeared natural, which led me though a crusade to improve them to the point that those who I performed face lifts on simply looked younger and not different. And this I accomplished with the Transmalar Subperiosteal Midface lift. I even performed it in other locations in front of audiences, including Moscow, Russia.

I have abandoned the face lift that I developed for the QuickLift.

The question is why? I have had the opportunity to view the QuickLift and have now performed several of them. The benefits are that the patients look natural, but the recovery time is shorter and the lift is more uniform, lifting the neck the same amount as the face and in the direction–vertically. Gravity pulls your skin downward and the lift must pull upward, and this includes the neck. The excess skin in the neck did not come from the back of the neck.

It came from above. The most impressive advantage of the QuickLift is the longevity or lasting results, which is far better than traditional lifts that I have seen and done, particularly the short scar lifts.

I hasten to mention that the QuickLift is not like other ”name brand face lifts” that I have been exposed to, which were not specific techniques at all but marketing ploys, e.g. any face lift procedure the plastic surgeon can do in 3 to 4 hours under local anesthesia. These procedures actually change according to the surgeon performing them because they are not specific techniques at all.

The QuickLift is a very specific procedure and anything other than this is not a QuickLift.

In summary, the advantages are:

  • More natural vertical lift without the pulled back or wind-tunnel look
  • Smoother surface
  • Shorter recovery time
  • Longer lasting result
  • Better lift in the neck and jowl region
  • More consistent result

Other procedures can be added to the QuickLift, such as eyelid lifts, fat transfer (grafts), and a brow lift (although usual not necessary with the QuickLift). Although I have always been a perennial student with a “yearn to learn”, I expect that I will not deviate from the QuickLift technique in the future. This has achieved the consistent natural look that I have been seeking through the years with all of the additional advantages listed above. I’m pleased to be able to offer the QuickLift to my patients who deserve what I consider to be the best.