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Finger and Associates
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 100 reviews
by Anonymous on Finger and Associates
Outstanding experience ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I have known Dr. Finger for over 30 years. He performed my first breast augmentation in 1992. My husband and I are both retired physicians; in fact, Dr. Finger and my husband did part of their residency together at Tampa General Hospital. My husband was so impressed with Dr. Finger's surgical finesse that when I was planning my breast augmentation there was no pause before he stated, "I want Ron Finger to do the surgery. He really is the best." ( this is the opinion of one physician on another!!) The augmentation completed in 1992 was quite possibly one of the best surgical outcomes We have seen. I have never had anyone, with the exception of a few close friends, question the authenticity of my breasts. Although it is not important to some patients, it mattered to me very much. Finally, it speaks volumes that it was 28 years before I chose to see Dr. Finger again for some modifications to such surgery. Dr. Finger is a great listener, so crucial to this specialty. There can be nothing worse than planning a reconstructive surgery very specifically with your surgeon and then coming out of surgery with a result that resembles nothing that you were hoping for or requested. This WILL NOT HAPPEN under Dr. Finger's watch. Why does this happen? Because the surgeon decides mid procedure what HE thinks will look good on YOU! DISREGARDING YOUR OPINION. THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN WITH DR FINGER. Dr. Finger is focused on making the patient happy and this occurs when the patient receives the results they were hoping for that were explained in detail preoperatively. It is obvious that Dr Finger wants his patients to have an incredible outcome; and one that is of their choosing. In the event you are considering anything from Botox to breast augmentation, you cannot go wrong if you decide to have Dr. Finger perform your procedure/ surgery. I can categorically say that Dr. Finger is one of the best plastic surgeons in the Southeast. And if you decide to allow Finger and associates to take care of your plastic surgery needs, you will NEVER be disappointed.

by Thomas Jefferson on Finger and Associates
5 Star Review for the Team at Finger & Associates by Thomas Jefferson

I had been looking around different practices and med-spas for what procedures/ treatments would be a great fit for me to contour my face and jawline. I had never had injectables or treatments on my face before so I wasn't sure what I needed. Finger and Associates, particularly Nurse Dallas were so polite and professional, and most of all treated me like a human being! It's such a great atmosphere there, and it's so great to not be rushed as well. Every single employee was polite and genuine and that is very hard to find these days. Thomas J.

by Jackson Management Consultant DGM Global Marketing & Business Solutions on Finger and Associates
Great Experience with Tiffany the Esthetician

I recently had a micro-needling treatment by Tiffany Smith (Licensed Esthetician). Tiffany is exceptionally professional and passionate about her work. She is dedicated in understanding your needs and will do everything she can to help you. During my consultation, she was adamant about listening to my concerns regarding my skin problems. She earned my trust and respect through consistent honesty and professionalism. Her knowledgeable approach was highly effective in making my skin glow! She did a fantastic job. My skin looks and feels amazing. I would highly recommend seeing her for services. To top it all off, the staff, atmosphere, and products were all above and beyond satisfaction. I'll definitely be back! Jade

by Regina Stockton on Finger and Associates
Amazing Safety Pre-Cautions DURING COVID-19

In spite of the COVID-19 health precautions, the staff went above and beyond to ensure my visit was personable, friendly, and exceeded my expectations. Dr. Finger and I discussed what I needed/wanted and he gave his professional guidance so my results would be perfect. The office staff was so friendly. I am so pleased with everything. I have been to several different offices and I have experienced "snobby" office staff/nurses. This office is NOT like that!

by Preach on Finger and Associates

Dr. Finger and his associates are absolute professionals. Starting with the beginning consultation through post-surgery check in's I couldn't be more satisfied with the work Dr. Finger performed. Definitely made me feel as every dollar I spent was beyond well with it.

by Melanie T on Finger and Associates
Outstanding Experience for Breast Augmentation

Dr. Finger and his staff have been outstanding from the very start! They made this whole experience so incredibly easy and rewarding. I was expecting to have a lot of pain after the procedure, my best friend had told me that she needed pain-killers after her Breast Augmentation and that she was pretty much incapacitated for at least a week. In the operation suite, the nurses got me ready and made sure that I felt relaxed and I knew exactly what was going on at every step. Dr. Finger came in and said hi as well before the surgery which was really as well. After that, all I remember was getting on a comfy padded operating table. I woke up from the anesthesia and I honestly had thought that I had done something wrong. I asked the nurse why I hadn't gotten my surgery since I was in no pain what so ever. She laughed and told me that everything went perfectly and that I definitely had gotten my breast augmentation! I had no pain and only minor tightness of my skin ( obviously to be expected) during my recovery. I was able to go out for dinner and walk around savannah the day after my surgery. Finally, the results that Dr. Finger was able to achieve for me are fantastic! I had high expectations going in but he was able to achieve better results than what I could have even imagined! I would highly recommend Dr. Finger to any and everyone. You would really be doing yourself a disservice by not choosing Dr. Finger and his team.

by Anonymous on Finger and Associates
Dr. Finger is the BEST!

Dr.Finger is an excellent surgeon. His concern, bedside manner, and artistic abilities are what I look for in an accomplished surgeon. The staff is professional and goes above and beyond to ensure your stress level is at a minimum. All questions and concerns are answered promptly and explained thoroughly. I would highly recommend this surgical team.

by Mitzi Milligan on Finger and Associates
Kind and Professional Service!

Dealing with Finger and Associates is always a pleasant experience. The staff and Dr. Finger have always been helpful, kind and professional. I have had over 20 procedures, big and small, and I have always walked away with beautiful results. I highly recommend this company.

Thanks, Mitzi We appreciate you

by Linda Reddick on Finger and Associates
Amazing skilled surgeon

My dream came true after 100 lb weight loss I was
Left with significant amount of skin ... So I decided on
Dr. Finger doing the belt lepectomy for me. I'm so
Happy I did so. Dr. Finger is gentle and caring and will
Make u laugh too. very good sense of humor he has.
He really cares about his patients He called personally
The center to ask how I was doing. To me he is a
Skilled artist. No one could know how much this meant
To me.. im so grateful to Dr. Finger and his staff
They make such a great team the most caring staff
I've encountered. If your deciding you want any procedure
Please know Dr. Finger is who your looking for. After
All he is the best He will not Disappoint.
I'm so very happy with my choice.

by Mary C on Finger and Associates
5 Star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

After hard work and alot of sweat, by the grace of God, I lost 100+ lbs verrrry slowly and maintained for a year. I asked my OBGYN for a referral for plastic surgery as my reward since I now had ROLLLLS of skin and old fat hanging around my waist, bra and thighs. OBGYN informed me there were others closer but the BEST to be had was Dr. Finger more than 2 hours from home.
From the beginning I was so impressed he asked me what I wanted to do and didn't try to sell me more/different. I am one-week post-surgery for my lipo and tummy tuck and I am THRILLED with the results. I am going back eventually to remove skin and stubborn fat from arms and thighs and looking forward to the procedures and working with these great folks again.
You will be hard-pressed to find a better or more experienced Dr. Finger and his staff that bend over BACKWARDS to be kind and helpful. If you have a choice, I can't recommend this office highly enough....even with a drive of 2 hours one way for an appointment.

Thanks Mary! ❤️

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