Tummy Tuck Without Drains – Also Called The Drainless or No-Drain Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck without drains for faster recovery achieves beautiful results!

Tummy Tuck without drains is one of Dr. Finger’s specialties and he performs 40-50 each year. To read more expert answers on Realself, click here.

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The Tummy Tuck without drains is an innovative way to achieve great results without the downtime of a  traditional Tummy Tuck.

Have you just worked hard to lose weight, or just had a baby and cannot get rid of the fat and skin or both?  Have you heard about a Tummy Tuck without drains for faster healing?  Many men and women who have had dramatic weight loss, will feel that their weight loss was in vain because they are left with loose skin?

Women who have had a baby or multiple babies will also see the extra skin on their belly due to the stretching of the skin.  You really have very few options to remove the excess skin without surgery. The most popular and most effective option is the tummy tuck. The tummy tuck will have you achieving the beautiful flat stomach you’ve worked so hard for. Dr. E Ronald Finger is an expert in the tummy tuck without drains, as he has performed hundreds of tummy tucks without drains over the last 7 years. He has performed regular Tummy Tucks for 37 years prior to switching to the drainless method.

Performing a Tummy Tuck gives Dr. Finger access to the six-pack muscles which become separated and loose with pregnancy, weight-gain, weight-loss and, age. At this time these muscles can be repaired with sutures giving one an internal corset.

Once the procedure is completed you will see a more beautiful tight stomach. Although a healthy diet and exercise are important, the Tummy Tuck without drains can still get you on the road to a beautiful body!

Before and After  Photograph of a Tummy Tuck by Dr. E Ronald Finger

Realistic Results of a real patient 2017

Do you have loose skin from weight loss?  A tummy tuck without drains by Dr. E. Ronald Finger may be just the procedure you need

Tummy tuck by dr e ronald finger

What is a No Drain Tummy Tuck (Drainless Tummy Tuck)?

Among our most frequently performed cosmetic surgery procedures is the tummy tuck or abdominoplasty. Patients from Savannah, Bluffton, SC and the coastal area come to the  Savannah and Bluffton SC practice in search of a flatter stomach and a tighter, thinner abdomen. Ideal for the removal of loose, sagging skin and excess fat, tummy tuck surgery leaves behind a low, fine scar that can be easily hidden beneath the bikini line. Dr. Finger performs the Tummy Tuck without drains in Bluffton SC, but offers consults in both offices, Savannah and Bluffton. 

Am I a Good Candidate?

An ideal tummy tuck candidate has excess abdominal skin and weakened abdominal muscles which are typically caused by pregnancy or extreme weight gain and weight loss.  The ideal candidate should meet the following guidelines. 

  •  Non-Smoker 
  • Protruding Abdomen
  • Excess Fat & Loose Skin 

For these patients, a tummy tuck can both sculpt the waistline and repair weakened muscles. Some excess abdominal fat is removed, as well, but a patient with significant tummy rolls may want to consider losing some weight prior to getting their tummy tuck. Patients who have both excess fat and skin but are not obese can opt for the Tummy Tuck without drains with Dr. Finger. 

The tummy tuck procedure slims the waist and flattens the stomach by removing excess skin and fat and tightening the muscles of the abdominal wall. During your procedure, Dr. Finger is an expert and began doing this procedure without drains after learning how to adjust the technique over a decade ago.

In a traditional tummy tuck, fluid can accumulate in the “open space” that the procedure creates between the abdominal flap (the skin and fat) and the abdominal wall. Some surgeons insert drains to avoid the fluid build-up and the possibility of seromas. Dr. Finger performs a specialized “no-drain tummy tuck,” which uses progressive tension sutures to essentially eliminate the open space, removing the need for a drain. Patients are unable to feel the sutures, and they dissolve over time. In addition to eliminating the need for drains, this form of suturing removes tension from the incision resulting in a very fine-line scar when healed.

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Before and 10 weeks after Drainless Tummy Tuck, Muscle Repair & Liposuction by Dr. E. Ronald Finger.

drainless tummy tuck








Drainless Tummy Tuck - after 10 weeks








Amazing Results for this patient in her 50’s, only 10 weeks after the drainless tummy tuck. A consultation with Dr. E Ronald Finger and the Team at Finger & Associates is the best way to determine whether the procedure is right for you. You may request a consultation or give us a call at (912) 354-4411

* Patient Results are not guaranteed and vary from patient to patient.


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