Tickle Lipo is a innovative and effective Approach to getting rid of unwanted Fat.

Minimal Recovery and perfect Procedure during the Holidays.

Tickle Lipo: Are there any advantages over traditional liposuction or energy-based liposuctions such as laser liposuctions or radio-wave or ultrasonic liposuctions?
My history of liposuctions goes back to 1982 when I read an article on liposuctions. No one in the southeast was doing them at that time, and I had to order my cannulas from Germany. They were huge and had cutting edges. Still, the results made patients very happy. We have graduated to tumescent liposuction, smaller, more effective and safer cannulas, and better post operative instructions which has made liposuction the most popular and safest procedure performed by plastic surgeons. For the last few years energy based liposuctions were invented and tried, one of the goals being to tighten the skin.
Independent studies have proven that the energy based liposuctions are not better than traditional liposuction and add a new list of possible risks because of the heat and burning of the tissues, and the procedures take longer to perform than traditional liposuction. In addition, they destroy fat derived Stem Cells. This is very important, as fat transfer/grafting is becoming very popular for re-volumizing the face, eyelids, hands, reconstruction of the breast, cosmetic breast augmentation, and the buttocks (Brazilian Butt lift). Fat is very fragile and much of the fat when grafted does not survive. However, fat derived stem cells are quite hardy. Concentrating stem cells from the patients’ own fat and adding it to the fat that is going to be transferred increases the success of the fat transfer. More of the fat “takes.”
The “Tickle Lipo,” trademarked as NIL for Nutational Infrasonic Liposuction, is a system in which the cannula vibrates with a specific motion and rotation. This has several advantages: it reduces the discomfort so general anesthesia is no longer necessary; there is less post operative swelling and bruising; recovery time is reduced; the procedure take about 25% less time to perform; and it preserves stem cells. The pain reduction is called the gateway phenomenon. The vibration basically takes up room in the nerves, and there is less room for pain impulses to make it to the brain. The word “Tickle” was used because many patients think that it actually tickles.
The increases fat derived stem cell survival is important for my practice because we perform the procedure and I believe that fat transfer is the future of rejuvenation of the hands, face, for breast reconstruction and much more. An independent study from Belgium concluded that the Tickle Lipo was the most effective liposuction technique with the least risk of unsatisfactory results.
We welcome Tickle Liposuction to our office.