Tickle Liposculpture (Tickle Lipo)

Tickle Liposculpture (Tickle Lipo)

After having used several types of energy based liposuction devices, plus traditional liposuction since 1982, I have finally settled on the NIL (nutational infrasonic liposculpture (which has adopted the name Tickle Lipo) equipment and technology as my first choice for liposuction in all areas because of the following reasons:


  1. The procedure takes less time and energy.
  2. OR time is reduced.
  3. There are no risks of burning the tissues or pigmentation changes as in energy based liposuction procedures
  4. The liposuctioned areas appear smoother, particularly important in the abdomen.
  5. The recovery time appears to be reduced, including bruising and swelling.
  6. My impression is that the “take” of fat grafts, when needed, is better because of the preservation of the stomal vascular fraction (stem cells). This is important when fat transferring (grafting) to breast, buttocks, face, hands or other areas.
  7. The Tickle Lipo is much easier to use in fibrous areas, such as breast, hip rolls, and repeat liposuctions, which can be very difficult to liposuction with other equipment.
  8. The Tickle Lipo cannulas literally glide easily through the tissues requiring little effort from the surgeon. This is because of the “swirling and vibrating action” of the Tickle lipo cannulas.
  9. The Tickle Liposculpture equipment requires little physical effort from the surgeon, which is quite different from the vigorous physical action necessary from the surgeon with other methods of liposuction, as most people have seen on   various videos.
  10. Compared to non-surgical fat reduction procedures, The Tickle Lipo requires one treatment as opposed to several, and the excess fat is gone, not hopefully gone after several treatments.

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