Ellacor and the Helix laser

New Technology, the Ellacor and the Helix laser

We are always looking for the latest technology in our category non-surgical “turning the clock back.” What do we expect from this equipment? Near equivalent, but preferably better results than the surgical counterpart, less recovery time, less time for the procedure, and lower cost.
There are patients, however, that have too much excessive skin and the desire to achieve the most dramatic result is, therefore, surgery.

I can finally say that we can achieve dramatic results with non-surgical treatments.

Our newest rejuvenation devices are:

Ellacor skin tightening is now available in Savannah

Ellacor: This is a non-surgical device that can remove from 3% to 8% of skin according to the settings desired per session without leaving a scar. It was derived from “punch biopsies” used for diagnosing skin cancers. It was learned that a “punch biopsy” of ½ millimeter (mm) or less would remove a column (core) through the entire depth of the skin without scars. This is purely mechanical with no heat, so the recovery is rapid. The Ellacor is used mostly for the lower face and neck but can also be used for the abdomen, knees, and elbows. So, if one session removes 8%, two sessions would thus remove 16% and so forth. Many people schedule three sessions, but often one treatment is all that is necessary unless there is redundant skin such as the jowls.
Even the neck, abdomen, and knees can be tightened with the Ellacor. After 3-4 days a special makeup can be used to cover pink areas, which typically last for 4 to 6 week

helix laser skin resurfacing results

Helix: This is a fractional CO2 laser, which is the gold standard for ablative lasers, meaning it vaporizes tiny micro-holes in the skin resurfacing and tightening skin. The skin in the micro- holes is vaporized, thus reducing the skin surface. The Helix can combine three different laser wavelengths for different depths with minimal recovery time, and I believe is the most effective laser available today. It can be used to diminish jowls, raise brows and the upper lip, and generally tighten the face. It is particularly good for the upper lip lines as well as other fine lines. Often the Helix laser and the Ellacor are used together to maximize the results. 


With any device, such as the Ellacor and Helix, that create injury to the skin, collagen and elastin production is stimulated resulting in improvement in skin texture which continues for 3 to 6 months.

Both procedures are performed under local anesthesia.


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