Diminish Dreaded Cellulite with Aveli

What’s New at Finger and Associates? 

A Minimally invasive procedure that will really diminish dreaded cellulite. 

Aveli: A revolutionary FDA approved one-time treatment solution to diminish dreaded cellulite, which most women hate and just accept. Well, no more! The Aveli allows for Dr. Finger to sever the fibrous bands (septa) that cause cellulite by pulling the skin down thus creating the cellulite dimples. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia through a tiny incision in the crease of the buttocks. The Aveli can also be used in the back or side of the thigh. Dr. Finger our skilled plastic surgeon is very experienced and excited about this new technology. 


aveli a single treatment solution for cellulite now in Savannah

Results are rapidly seen after swelling subsides, and this is a long-term treatment. The downtime is
typically 3 days except for exercising, which may be longer, according to the extent of the cellulite. The Aveli is the first device that cuts all the septa even those that come in obliquely. We have learned that cellulite is more complex than cutting a single fibrous band. Uniquely, the Aveli can both test and severe any additional bands that need treatment. Their motto is “No more nonsense” regarding cellulite. I completely agree. Ready? Set. Go. We can’t wait to see you. 

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