Injecting the Lips with the DermaSculpt® Microcannula

Common sense tells us that injecting anywhere with any needle can cause bleeding and therefore bruising. Especially when an injection is for cosmetic purposes, this is not a welcomed side effect. Most often people want to come in and get injected and go right back to work, and they do not want to have to recover from bruising and its associated swelling. Sometimes it is unavoidable, but a new needle has come on the scene, which makes the bruising and swelling much less likely. It is called the DermaSculpt microcannula. This is a blunt needle with the hole in the side of the tip. We call blunt needles cannulas. Needles cut through the tissue and small vessels and the DermaSculpt microcannula pushes them aside without cutting them.

Of course, a small needle puncture is necessary to allow the DermaSculpt to enter the skin.

The DermaSculpt is particularly useful for injecting the lips with either Restylane® or Juvederm®. Because of the length of the microcannula one small puncture can be made on each side of the lips, and the product can be injected smoothly across the lips without bleeding or bruising. It is also easier to assess the injecting when there is no swelling from any bleeding that may occur. The concept is simple, but revolutionary and has been well accepted by patients desiring fuller lips. A topical anesthetic ointment is used prior to the injections.