HOW TO KEEP Youthful Skin

How To Keep Youthful Skin Forever

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Those with high amounts of melanin tend to have more elasticity in the skin as they age.

First, carefully choose your ancestors.  Of course, that is not an option. Those closer to the Equator have thicker skin and more melanin, thus age slower and have fewer skin cancers. Scandinavian’s and those with Northern Heritage have thinner, less pigmented skin, so less protection from the sun. Here are some tips to keep youthful skin for a long time to come. 

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  1. Avoid OVEREXPOSURE TO THE SUN. Sun damage begins in youth and is accumulative. More exposure equals more damage.  Sun Spots, Wrinkles, Freckles, and Sagging of the Skin can all be a side-effect of overexposure. Living in a hot climate like Savannah can certainly cause severe sun damage early in life and make you look older than you are.  Use SPF30 (sunscreen) daily.
  2. Take Vitamin D3 supplements and Vitamin E daily in addition to eating healthy. 
  3. Avoid eating simple carbohydrates! This means sugar, white potatoes, rice, and white bread.  All-cause glycation which leads to premature aging of the skin. It “gums up” your small arteries leading to the brain, heart, etc.
  4. Also, avoid rapidly cooked foods, e.g. fried, because this also causes premature aging.
  5. Stay Hydrated! Drink plenty of water daily. 2-4 liters in hot climates. No, juice does not take the place of pure water.
  6. Limit Alcohol. Having a glass of wine with dinner or drinking on special occasions is fine, but drinking alcohol daily will have a negative effect on your skin and not be a contributor to keeping youthful skin. 
  7. Avoid Smoking! It will age your skin tremendously. Premature aging is often due to sun and smoking. 

Obviously it is impossible to choose one’s ancestors; however, following the rules above will significantly help.

Can one slow down or even reverse the effects of premature skin aging and sagging?  The answer is a definite YES.  What skin damage treatments to reverse sun damage are available today?

Thermitight and lipo of neck is ideal for skin tightening and lifting.

  1. Cosmeceuticals have evolved which actually do something. Now Cosmeceutical skin products have ingredients close to prescription strength, and studies have shown that these products can actually reverse the damage, including DNA damage and reverse glycation.  The earlier one starts an effective daily skin care regimen, the better. 

     58 year old before and after 3cc Restylane for Lips, Lower Lids, cheeks .
    Real Patient, Real Results. 58-year-old before and after 3cc of filler. We used Restylane for Lips, Lower Lids, and Cheeks to restore lost volume and create a youthful look.
  2. Botox or Dysport. These temporary “paralytics” are very popular with people in their 30’s and older because they actually paralyze the muscles that create frown lines, crow’s feet, etc. and prevent them from getting deeper with age.
  3. Fillers such as Restylane products, Juvederm, Voluma and Sculptra. These products actually “re-volumize” the face in the areas that begin to lose volume due to losing “baby fat”.  Once injected, some of these products are now lasting over two years and can lead to dramatic results of looking 5 to 10 years younger.  (Liquid facelifts).
  4. Fraxel Lasers can remove up to 20% of the skin by vaporizing tiny micro-holes thus resulting in tightener the skin. The Fraxel Restore will remove the top layer of damaged, aged skin resulting in more youthful skin that glows and is tighter. Often Fraxel laser treatments combined with fillers can provide a  stunning effect of  “turning back the clock” non-surgically.
  5. Thermitight and Liposuction. If one’s facial skin starts to sag to the point that fillers and skin care are not enough, and a patient doesn’t want a facelift to achieve one’s goals a nonsurgical option is the ThermiTight, which can tighten the jowl and neck area as well as melt unwanted fat with no anesthesia and minimal downtime. They are also effective for tightening arms, breast, thighs, knees, and abdomen.
  6. For those who want no surgery, but actually need lifting, the Silhouette InstaLift is a good option. Absorbable unidirectional threads are inserted into the skin which both supports and lifts the face as well as stimulates the production of collagen, thus volumizing the face. The threads dissolve in about 2 years.

All of the above are non-surgical, minimal to no recovery procedures done under local anesthesia that help one look younger and thus feel better about themselves. So you can actually keep youthful skin without necessarily committing to traditional Plastic Surgery. 

If you are interested in Plastic Surgery in the Savannah area, we would like to invite you to visit our Plastic Surgery Center in Savannah Georgia. We offer complimentary consultations 912-354-4411.

E. Ronald Finger, MD, FACS Owner of Finger and Associates Plastic Surgery Center

Ronald Finger, MD, FACS

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