Choose Doctor Finger for Plastic Surgery in Savannah

Are you nervous about your first plastic surgery? Are you looking for useful information that will help you make a calm, thoughtful, and logical decision? We can help at Finger & Associates Plastic Surgery Center in Savannah, Georgia. When you choose Doctor Finger and his highly qualified team, you choose a plastic surgery experience that will change your life for the better.

Why Should You Choose Doctor Finger?

When you work with Doctor Finger, you get the best of the best. Rate MD’s recently rated Doctor Finger #1 in the state of Georgia and #10 in the United States. He was board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery in 1973 – and has been in this field for over forty years. Among these accomplishments, Doctor Finger also boasts stunning “firsts”.

He was the first board certified plastic surgeon in Savannah. He was also the first to perform a liposuction in the state of Georgia, as well as a transaxillary augmentation mammoplasty. Doctor Finger was the first plastic surgeon to offer “Tickle Lipo” in the coastal region, and the first to offer the NeoGraft Hair Transplant system in Georgia.

The list of “firsts” goes on and on. Doctor Finger opened the first coastal area medical spa in 1998, known as the New Youth Medical Spa. The same brand carries on through his comprehensive skin care line – the New Youth Skin Care Treatment System.

When it comes to changing the game and making life easier for his patients, Doctor Finger never stops. He is constantly working to improve his treatments and provide alternative, convenient methods for formerly uncomfortable procedures. NeoGraft, in particular, is a hair transplant system that involves no scalpel, no incisions, and no scars. The examples of these innovations will only grow as time goes on.

History and Beginnings

When you choose Doctor Finger, you choose a specialist and professional with a background in lending a helping hand. After being raised in the modest town of Marion, South Carolina, Doctor Finger graduated from Emory University and then the Medical University of South Carolina. He interned at Grady Memorial Hospital – and is now a part of the University of South Florida in Tampa.

In 1969, Doctor Finger joined the United States Air Force. He spent four years in the force, and was later honorably discharged as a Lieutenant Colonel.

If you are looking for a plastic surgeon who can be trusted, choose Doctor Finger for your surgical needs. With your best interests kept in mind, you will be safe, comfortable, and more confident than ever.

For more information, please contact us to schedule an appointment. You can also give us a call at (912)-354-4411.