Butt Lifts – What we can do to achieve a rounder fuller Butt and reduce Cellulite

Butt Lifts Are Trending For 2017-2018

Butt Lifts and how to achieve them…

by Dr. E. Ronald Finger    

Brazilian Butt Lifts 

A full, round, symmetrical buttock is certainly a valued asset when one’s goal is a well-proportioned figure. Particularly with the millennials, but also with the baby boomers, butt lifts have become one of the most sought-after cosmetic procedures. The Brazilian Butt Lift has a RealSelf approval of 92%, one of the highest approval rated procedures.

The problem “Butt” can be almost too many shapes to describe, varying from: too small, too flat, droopy, cellulite, the “Hip dip (depression in the outer butt),” muffin top, saggy, depressed in the center, and asymmetrical.

The most common procedure for reaching the goal of a larger, more shapely butt is the Brazilian Butt Lift.  The Brazilian Butt lift is basically transferring fat from another place to the buttocks. I’m not sure why it’s called that since every Brazilian plastic surgeon I have spoken with uses implants instead of fat. So the BBL is a fat grafting procedure. However, this is much complicated than simply liposuctioning from one area and squirting fat into the buttocks.

Each patient’s butt must be individually assessed because the shapes can vary tremendously. And each one must be measured and marked with ink before the procedure to assure reaching the expected goal. The volume must be grafted to the various depressions, pre-marked areas, and over-all to achieve a beautiful butt. The goal is to make a well-volumized butt that is round or ovoid and devoid of depressions. The crease at the bottom of the butt in youth typically has a gentle curve. With aging the crease becomes flat or even turned down and sad looking.

Where does the fat come from? Anywhere there is excess. Typically there is excess in the abdomen, flanks, love handles, and “muffin tops.” The muffin tops are interesting because while fat is gained there, it is lost just below there in the outer butt called by one of my patients as the “Hip-dip.” Everything is relative, so simply removing fat from the muffin top helps the shape of the butt by itself, and the fat can be transferred to any part of the butt.


How much of the fat will survive? This is technique dependent as like all other tissue, fat must have a blood supply to survive. The best blood supply is in the gluteal muscles, one of the largest muscles in the body. Therefore, the fat should be injected into the muscle for the best “take.” Also, fat cannot survive if it is put in as a large “glob,” because the center of the “glob” will die before it gets a blood supply. The fat must be injected in small increments and in various separate tracks.

Typically, around 50% of the fat will survive. We always add PRP (platelet-rich plasma) to the fat to be grafted to increase the survival of the grafts. The amount of fat that can be successfully transferred to each side of the buttocks is from 350 to 500 ml. More can be added, but grafting too much decreases the chance of fat survival. With this in mind, be careful when viewing photos of butt lifts, because many are taken right after the procedure with the swelling and fat that will not survive.


What are alternatives to Fat Grafts (Transfer)?

Sculptra Butt Lifts 

The newest technique that is taking the country by storm is the Sculptra Butt Lift. Sculptra is a product I have been using for over a decade in the face to increase volume. It is now injected into the butt much like fat, but it is done in the office without the need for anesthesia and no downtime. It will last from 2 to 5 years in the buttocks area. It takes two treatments 6 weeks apart to reach the best result. This is a particularly good procedure for those with little fat to use for grafts, but it works for virtually everyone, and it takes only a few minutes to perform.

Butt Implants: This is the insertion of a silicone implant in the butt through a 3-inch incision. It requires general anesthesia, and the recovery it lengthy and complication rate fairly high, such as infections, poor placement of the implants.  The butt with implants is very firm and does not feel like a normal butt. The procedure also leaves a three-inch scar on each cheek near the crack; however, the result is permanent.

Cellulite Reduction 

For those with Cellulite or “dimples” on the buttock or thighs, Cellfina now offers a one treatment procedure with results guaranteed to last up to 3 years or longer.  This procedure can be done at the same time as fat or Sculptra filler injections. Cellfina is also done under local anesthesia with virtually no recovery time needed.

beautiful butt and legs for the beach is possible with Cellfina for Cellulite



Like all cosmetic procedures, a personal consultation with an expert is the best way to discuss the goals and to hear the pluses and minuses of the various procedures to fulfill your expectations.