What is a Corset Trunkplasty?

Also called a Corset Lift, the Corset Trunkplasty is a revolutionary new procedure for patients who have lost a massive amount of weight from disciplined dieting, gastric bypass or gastric band surgery which has left them with rolls of fat of the abdomen, sides and even the back. This procedure addresses not only the lower abdomen, but the upper abdomen as well, and it tightens the trunk circumferentially around to and including the sides and back.


The Corset procedure is designed to create an aesthetically pleasing body shape which appears like that provided by a corset, yet it can be modified to highlight the waistline differently for either women or men.  In women, the design provides a very desirable hourglass figure; in men, it provides a nicely tapered torso.


The advantages are shorter operating time, faster and less painful recovery, and fewer complications. Often no drain or only one drain is needed and that is removed within the first two days, as opposed to 5 to 7 days or more. The scars are vertically down the front of the abdomen, across the lower pelvic region and under the breast. The length of the scars is dependent upon how much tissue must be removed. Since these scars are in the front and sides of the abdomen, lying on one’s back is much more comfortable than the usual circumferential body lift, and the Corset Trunkplasty gives more of a corset effect with a smaller waist.


The question is often asked, “How bad are the scars?” The benefits of the removal of rolls of fat, the resulting tighter, more attractive body, and the elevated self-esteem are well worth the scars, which in most cases are very acceptable.