Renuvion the latest in nonsurgical skin-tightening

Before Dr. Finger performed Renuvion Liposuction

After Dr. Finger performed Renuvion Liposuction


What is Renuvion? 

Renuvion is one of the industry’s most innovative skin-tightening procedures that improve skin elasticity and tone. As a minimally invasive treatment, Renuvion produces consistent results without requiring extensive recovery. Renuvion is designed to treat excess skin in almost every area of the body. Excess skin can be a result of many factors, including aging, liposuction, excess weight loss, pregnancy and more. With Renuvion, you can improve the elasticity and tone of your skin. Dr. Finger also offers ThermiRF for skin-tightening but finds that Renuvion is an even better solution for patients looking to tighten skin on their neck, arms, legs, abs, flanks, and back. When performing the Renuvion for loose jowls (lower face) and neck, it can also be combined with the Silhouette Instalift procedure and injectables for even more stunning results. 

How Does Renuvion for skin-tightening work?Renuvion for skin-tightening

Through precise heating of the connective tissues below the skin, the Renuvion is able to cause a gentle contraction effect that successfully and consistently tightens the skin. The innovative technology is ideal for precision and control. Dr. Finger chose Renuvion for skin-tightening because of the device’s sophisticated technology which remains superior to similar devices. Unlike other skin-tightening procedures on the market, Renuvion is able to achieve significant skin tightening without a lengthy recovery process. Renuvion is a safe and effective alternative to more invasive skin-tightening procedures, some of which require incisions and a longer recovery period. 

Renuvion has been embraced by Plastic Surgeons and physicians specializing in cosmetic surgery to tighten the skin in the neck, arms, abdomen, thighs, back, and more.

How long do the results of Renuvion last? 

As each case is different, the longevity of the results may vary from patient to patient. Many patients continue to see improvements as time goes on. Doctors have reported patients that have experienced long-lasting results for years following their Renuvion treatment. Of course, age and weight-gain or weight-loss can impact the duration of results for any procedure. 

Renuvion for Skin-Tightening Before and After Picture of patient neck and lower face
The Renuvion Plasma Pen is ideal for the lower face and neck. Look at these amazing results. Before and after one month of the procedure.

How do I know I am a good candidate for Renuvion? 

Renuvion is a great option for patients who would like to treat their mild to moderate excess skin. Renuvion is also an ideal treatment for those who are not ready for surgery, and those that are concerned about the possibility of scars and lengthened recovery time. 

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