Mini-Facelifts – The QuickLift

What are Mini-Facelifts and Do They Work?

Savannah mini faceliftsFirst, what is the definition of a Mini-Facelift? The word describes an idea of a minimally invasive facelift with a shorter recovery time and for a lower cost. With this idea in mind, they can work. “Working” should be measured in degrees of whether it looks natural, and, importantly, does it last? The problem with mini-facelifts is that people still want an adequate lift with longevity that looks natural. Most people still want to look like themselves, just younger and more refreshed, and they don’t want to do it again in a year or two.

There have been several name brand facelifts marketed through the years, and the ones I have been exposed to pull the tissues toward the back of the head (posteriorly). When one considers that gravity pulls downward, it seems logical that to appear natural the effort should be against the forces of gravity. The last thing anyone wants is to look face-lifted or to have the “wind-tunnel appearance. ” Contact Us Today, and we will discuss your options.

Typically, even if the direction of the lift is more vertical as in some traditional facelifts, the neck is generally directed posteriorly, and this in my opinion is not natural and has no long-term lasting result. In addition, the pull should be on the deeper tissues and not just the skin to avoid the “pulled” appearance, which is never attractive.  Also, the tension should be uniform, meaning equal in the face, midface and neck.

I have been exposed to a less invasive facelift called the QuickLift, which does accomplish the above goals. This lift describes a specific vertical face, midface, and neck lift technique. As with any facelift, fat grafts (transfer) may be necessary for the person who has developed loss of volume in the checks, midface, hollows under the eyes, brow, and areas below the corners of the mouth. Also depending upon the patient, upper and/or lower eyelid lift may be desired as well.

So, to answer the question, yes, mini-facelifts can work, but the geometry and physiology of the technique must take into account that we are lifting vertically against the earth’s gravity. Even though there may be a procedure that accomplishes this, each patient must be individually assessed and the procedure customized for their specific aging issues. The goal must remain to achieve a natural appearance with adequate lift longevity of both the face and neck.