Liquid FaceLift Cocktail

Liquid FaceLift Cocktail

Dr. E. Ronald Finger

The term Liquid Facelifts were first used when  Sculptra® became available in the USA as a filler for the face in 2004. I was fortunate to be an instructor for the company providing Sculptra treatments for about 6 years. As people age, we lose elasticity and volume, and both contribute to a sagging face as we age.  Sometimes the loss of volume is even the most significant contributor.

In the last decade a number of “fillers” for the volume loss problem have made their appearance.  A list of some of the products:

*Restylane® filler—a hyaluronic acid filler that will last approximately 6 to 8 months, and is appropriate for the hollows under the eyes and fine wrinkles, such as those of the upper lip (the whistle wrinkles).

*Juvederm® filler —a hyaluronic acid filler similar to Restylane.  Juvederm Ultra Plus will last typically up to a year.  This is excellent for lips, and just about anywhere in the face.  Hyaluronic acid products can be reversed with an injectable enzyme if desired.

*Perlane® tissue augmenting gel —a longer acting hyaluronic acid product similar to Juvederm Ultra Plus (UP).

Juvederm Voluma® —a product that lasts about 2 years or more.  This is another hyaluronic acid product, and believed to be the longest acting product on the market at this time; and typically used in the midface and cheeks.

Sculptra®—a poly-L-lactic acid filler which increases soft tissue volume by stimulating the production of collagen.  This product also lasts about 2 year.  This product is excellent for large areas of the face, such as the lateral cheek area from the ears forward, but may be used in most areas.

The Liquid FaceLift Cocktail provides filler treatments featuring a combination of appropriate products in order to use the best attributes of each to its maximum potential.  For example, Restylane injections for the hollows under the eyes and upper lip wrinkles; Voluma for creating more youthful cheeks, Juvederm UP for the treating nasolabial creases (smile lines) and marionette lines; Sculptra for repairing lower and lateral face volume deficiency; and Botox for smoothing crow’s feet and frown lines.

This is just an example, as each patient has different needs and goals, as may be developed during office consultation.  Sometimes a Liquid FaceLift Cocktail™ analysis and treatment may involve only two products.  And results of volume replacement may lead to dramatic results beyond what a surgical facelift can achieve.  However, when a sagging neck and significant jowls are the involved problems, a surgical facelift is needed.

Advantages of our Liquid FaceLift Cocktail™ filler treatment are it can be done during an office visit, treatments take about 30 minutes, and the recovery may result in minimal swelling and occasionally bruising. An anesthetic cream and/ or ice may be applied topically to minimize discomfort.

E. Ronald Finger, MD, FACS