Introducing Quick Lift

Why I Have Changed to Quick Lift

About fifteen years ago, I developed a face lift called Transmalar Sub-Periosteal Midface lift. This procedure has been performed by many plastic surgeons across the USA as well as other countries. I performed it in a surgical auditorium in Moscow in front of about 50 plastic surgeons and in Los Angeles as well. So, why would I abandon it for another procedure?

The Quick Lift is not like the other “name brand” face lifts that you’ve heard about. Most are not really specific lifts at all, but are vaguely described (for the surgeon) as, for example, any face lift that takes less than three hours and can be done under local anesthesia.

The Quick Lift is a specific type of lift, and the advantages, even over the lift that I developed are:

  • Less undermining of the skin, thus less bruising
  • Less recovery time
  • A longer lasting lift of the face
  • A better and longer lasting lift of the neck
  • Can be done under local anesthesia
  • A more consistent result

Any lift that pulls toward the ears appears unnatural and the lift does not last long enough. Face lifts should only turn back the clock, not make the person look different. Gravity pulls downward, so a face lift, to look natural, must be a vertical lift, which the Quick Lift is. The mid-face must be lifted as well, which the Quick Lift does. The primary pull must be first from the neck and from that point simultaneously into the face and midface, which is the primary difference in the Quick Lift and other techniques.

I have now performed the Quick Lift several times and am thrilled that my expectations were not only met, but exceeded. The Quick Lift was very thoroughly and thoughtfully developed. I am grateful that I have discovered the procedure and can offer it to my patients.

Additional procedures may need to be added on, such as eyelid lifts and fat grafting (transfer) for added benefit for those who need them.

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