Dr. Finger: Mommy Makeovers and Savannah GA

Having children can be rewarding in so many ways, with the exception of what it does to the bodies of the Mommies. More than occasionally I am presented with the mother with excess fat and/or skin on her abdomen even, when they giving their best efforts toward exercising and a proper diet. The other problem is often loss of volume and sagging of the breasts.

The tummy problems can be excess fat or skin or any combination of the two. If only excess fat is the problem, liposuction or lipodissolve, for the minimal problems, is the best procedure. If there is also excess skin, especially if stretch marks are present, the excess skin and fat may have to be removed. The muscles are usually tightened as well. This is called a “tummy tuck” or abdominploasty. This procedure usually requires general anesthesia and about a week or more of recovery, but patients feel that the results are worth it. The liposuction alone requires minimal recovery time.

The sagging and loss of volume of the breast require surgery for correction also. Often an implant can be used, but if the sagging is moderate to severe, an uplift with or without an implant may be necessary for satisfactory correction. The tummy and breast surgery can be done at the same time, saving recovery time and certain costs.

Your first step is to visit us for an evaluation. Be sure to state all of your concerns and get details about the various alternatives and the recovery requirements.