Breast Enhancement


So, you’re looking for an opportunity to invest in breast enhancement. It’s understandable and, in fact, justifiable to want to feel confident in your own skin. However, you have a few concerns about your height, and how it might affect your ability to obtain a quality breast enhancement procedure. At Finger & Associates, we’ve answered these questions (and more). We’re more than willing to answer them for you.

Tall Ladies and Breast Enhancement

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Whether you knew it or not, age and body size are both a big deal when it comes to breast enhancement decisions. Your personal preferences are also extremely important – you need to be comfortable with your breasts for the rest of your life. We make our customer preferences a top priority, and so should you!

Tall women prefer to get larger implants since they are trying to reduce an overall deflated appearance. However, height is not the only factor in the equation. You should also consider your frame. A small frame and a tall body don’t necessarily call for larger implants. A large frame and a tall body might call for larger implants, but you might not be happy with them. For these reasons, we generally like to know upfront what your preferences are. What do you want to look like? From there, we can determine what needs to be done to achieve the look you want from your breast enhancement operation.

Why is it so important to have properly sized implants? Because they help the shape of deflated breasts considerably. But you can’t determine the size of your implants based solely on your height or frame since everyone is different. For us to best determine what kind of breast enhancement options you should pursue, we suggest that you meet with a board-certified plastic surgeon that is qualified to answer your questions about breast enhancement. Dr. Finger cannot only answer your questions, but he is qualified and with 43 years of experience in plastic surgery, he knows that using Sizers to show you how you would look after the procedure is important.  Dr. Finger places the Sizers on your chest and you can decide what size works for you.  The Sizers will be placed in your bra, beneath your clothing for a realistic look in your clothes. The results will give you a pretty good idea of what implant size you will be comfortable with. 

Choose the right physician for your Breast Enhancement

As with most surgeries, it’s important that you feel comfortable with the doctor that will be completed your breast enhancement procedure. You need to work with someone you can communicate with easily, and who will understand your overall goals. 

The bottom line is this – every patient wants something different. Some patients want to look natural. Other patients don’t mind if they don’t look natural. Dr. Finger has performed breast enhancement procedures that have accomplished both – and plenty of other options, as well. He was the first plastic surgeon in Savannah, Georgia, and the first board-certified plastic surgeon in the coastal empire. The experience here is overwhelming.

To learn more about options contact us at 912-354-4411. You can also view current specials here, and schedule an appointment online.