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Permanent Makeup Services & Medical Tattooing are now offered at our Savannah Location 

Permanent Makeup Services by Becky Brinson our Surgical Technologist and Permanent Makeup Artist are now available at our Savannah location at 410 Mall BLVD. Becky has been helping patients in the Coastal Empire for over 15 years. She offers medical tattooing services (which we will elaborate on in this article) as well as Permanent Makeup Services which include: Eyebrows, Eyeliner, & Lips. NOW OFFERING MICROBLADING SERVICES

Becky loves to make her patients feel and look beautiful. Most of Becky’s clients decide to commit to her Permanent Makeup Services because she is not only an artist but also a medical professional from the OR. Becky is all too familiar with sterile technique and safety always comes first when it comes to any of her services.

Most patients are tired of going through the daily torture of putting on and taking makeup off daily, not to mention all the money spent on eyeliner, lipsticks, and eyebrow pencils. Older patients are struggling to apply eyeliner due to vision issues. Young mothers may deal with time constraints but love to feel beautiful, even with toddlers by their side. Whatever the reason is, Becky insists that her Permanent Makeup Services can look absolutely natural and enhance anyone’s “NATURAL BEAUTY!” 

Permanent Makeup Services and Medical Tattooing Services is now offered by Becky Brinson at our Savannah Location

Permanent Makeup Services and Medical Tattooing Services are now offered at our Savannah Location.

Becky’s Medical Tattooing Services are helping patients restore their confidence!

The confidence lost by women losing their breast from cancer, followed by painful reconstructive surgery is enough to bring anyone to tears. Becky is able to cover up ugly scars and also performs 3D Nipple and Areola Restoration Tattooing which is a Lifechanger for women recovering from breast cancer. Becky is also considered an Expert in Scar Camouflaging and Hair Replication Tattooing. Yes if you have lost your hair, or it is thinning this service can benefit you particularly when it comes to receding hairlines and areas that are visibly thinning. Of course, this does not replace Hair Transplantation, but it is certainly more attractive than having bald or thinning spots especially for women.

Scar Camouflaging Services and Medical Tattooing Services include:

Burn scars that are hypopigmented

3D Nipple & Areola Restoration


Pricing for most of Becky’s Permanent Makeup Services and Medical Tattooing Services are listed here. 

Stay Tuned for Before and Afters and more about Becky’s Services.

Permanent Makeup Services and Medical Tattooing Explained by Becky Brinson our Artist.

Permanent Makeup Services and Medical Tattooing Services are now offered by Becky Brinson. Book your FREE consultation to learn more about Becky’s services!

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