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The Thermi Breast Lift is an innovative minimally invasive way to lift the Breast! 

breast enhancement Plastic surgeryUnfortunately, as women age, breasts that were once firm and “perky” begin a downward trend. There is no muscle in a breast, so exercising is useless because Breast tissue, skin and the breast gland are not good supporting structures. So what is the answer?

The Thermi Breast Lift could be the answer for moderate drooping of the breast!

In the world of plastic surgery, we have surgical procedures for sagging breasts and now ThermiBreast Lift gives you a procedure option that does not require General Anesthesia.

If you are concerned about recovery time and have a small amount of sagging and want little to no downtime the Thermi Breast Lift might be for you.

The Thermi Breast Lift is innovative and uses the science of heat, much like the other ThermiTight procedures. Thermi Breast tightens by shrinking tissue.

Sagging can also occur from pregnancy and nursing causing loss of breast volume, stretching of the skin, and loss of firmness. Some of the loss of elasticity of skin of the breast tissue is determined by genetics, but contributing factors are also sun-damage and even cigarette smoking.

Until recently the only solution was to surgically reposition the nipples back to their normal location and to remove the skin to tighten the breasts. A breast lift, called “mastopexy,” is often combined with breast implants or fat grafts to replace the fullness of the breast.

These procedures are performed under general anesthesia in a surgical suite and involve incisions around the nipple, under the breast in the breast fold, and an incision vertically from the nipple to the inframammary crease called an “anchor incision.” While the resulting scar can be a fine line if performed by Dr. Finger. However, you can still end up with a small scar that is visible.

Occasionally, if the sagging is less than one to 1.5 cm, the surgeon may be able to perform what is called a “crescent” mastopexy, which involves a small scar around the upper part of the areola. Like any other incision performed by Dr. Finger, there should be no suture marks with any breast lift.

Other mastopexy incisions are the “lollipop” incision, and this is shaped like a lollipop with the circle being around the areola and the stem pointing downward. The surgical method necessary for a mastopexy are chosen by Dr. Finger based on your individual degree of sagging. 

The Thermi Breast Lift is minimally invasive and offers the right candidate the option of lifting the breasts 2-3 centimeters (about an inch) with no scar.

The procedure utilizes a very high-tech probe that both emits radio frequency energy and accurately monitors the skin temperature under the dermis as well as the skin surface. At certain elevated temperatures, skin tightens, and both collagen and elastin are regenerated. An exaggerated analogy is watching bacon shrink in the frying pan. The Thermi Breast lift can be combined with Fat Transfer for more fullness.

The best candidates for the Thermi Breast lift are those whose nipples sag about an inch or less, even though it will tighten virtually any breast it may not be enough if the sagging is more than moderate. Answers from Docs.

The Thermi Breast Lift is ideal for women with mild to moderate sagging!

The procedure is virtually pain-free, takes an hour or less to perform under local Anesthesia.

While some immediate tightening is seen, the breasts continue to tighten for an entire month or more after the procedure.

Do the Breast look fuller after the Thermi Breast Lift?

Because of the tighter skin in the lower part of the breasts, the breasts are firmer and give the appearance of a breast augmentation. Only Band-Aids and a bra are required post-procedure.


The Benefits of the Thermi Breast Lift at a Glance: 

  • Minimally Invasive
  • Requires No Downtime
  • Virtually Pain-Free
  • Affordable 
  • Causes No Scar
  • Ideal For Mild To Moderate Sagging

Thermi Breast Lift by Finger & Associates Plastic Surgery CenterConclusion: There are very effective surgical procedures for uplifting the breasts. Now Dr. Finger offers this alternative for mild to moderate sagging, the next step is to schedule a complimentary consult to see if you might be a candidate. Call us at 912-354-4411 or book your complimentary consultation with Dr. Finger online. 

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