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There is no such thing as a fountain of youth or perfection, but many people have found great benefits from cosmetic treatments offered by top level plastic surgeons to prevent or rejuvenate aging, as well as, improving imperfections. Indeed, plastic surgery procedures do exist so people can reclaim what was lost due to aging, stress, pollutants, sun damage, and other factors. Dr. E. Ronald Finger located in Savannah, Georgia and Bluffton, S. C. is a pioneer in the field of plastic surgery and exceeds expectations in these areas for a highly complementary appearance. Dr. Finger is proud to be first board certified plastic surgeon in Savannah; the 1ST to open an outpatient surgery center in Georgia and the 1st to open a medical spa in the Coastal Empire. Add to this the facts that he incorporates the largest most comprehensive laser center in the area. Dr. Finger has his own physicians developed Anti-Aging Skincare line, “New Youth Cosmeceuticals,” one of the first true Anti-Aging Skin Care Systems in the USA.
Today, Dr. Finger specializes in all core plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures as well as less invasive treatments to help people look and feel their best. This includes NeoGraft hair restoration for men and women, the least invasive approach to permanent hair replacement.
Dr. Finger sets himself apart by delivering the most natural results through a thorough assessment of the patient’s face and body with medical and aesthetical treatments according to the individual’s needs through the least invasive, most comfortable approach possible. As Dr. Finger remarked, “Our practice is highly specialized in facial and body revitalization, based on my extensive academic credentials, top level training and extensive experience. All of which translates into better outcomes for my patients and better overall experiences. Our commitment is to make our patients happy, healthy, beautiful, and proud. In this vein, we commit ourselves to excellence in every aspect of care. We establish relationships with patients that are mutually respectful and unparalleled care that is in the best interest of the individual. In doing so, we offer a full spectrum of care- so we can follow our patients, along with their needs, over time.”
The practice is inviting, warm and comforting where safety and efficacy are second to none. In fact, this solo practice is family-oriented where everybody knows everybody through the warm and friendly staff members. Popular treatments at the practice include traditional facelifts, “Liquid Facelifts” (a non-surgical procedure utilizing long lasting facial fillers), Breast Augmentation, Mommy Make-Overs, No-Drain Tummy Tucks, Body contouring and much more.
As an innovator and pioneer in the industry, Dr. Finger recently adopted ThermiRF technology and added ThermiRF Treatments to their list of innovative minimally invasive and non invasive procedures as an alternative, or add on to Plastic Surgery.
Some of the newest treatments offered via Radiofrequency are as follows: ThermiTight, ThermiSmooth, ThermiRase and ThermiVa to utilize “The Science of Heat” to tighten skin, diminish fat, wrinkles, and reduce cellulite. As he explained, “The technology smooths out the face, jowls, and neck, arms, abdomen, love handles and the thighs, just to mention a few areas. ThermiRF is another piece of the armory in our tool box that has real possibilities.
The technology may be used alone or in conjunction with other procedures to “Optimize the Outcome.” Dr. Finger may combine ThermiRF with Tickle Liposuction for even better results. Yes! Dr. Finger is not only a pioneer but on the frontier of the best that there is to offer today.
The truth in plastic surgery is that being a board certified plastic surgeon coupled with the number of cases you have successfully performed in addition to years of experience yields the best results. Notably, Dr. Finger has earned a track record of achievement to deliver excellence. Offering the most advanced techniques and technology, Dr. Finger has also received high marks for knowing how to provide superior patient care. People travel from near and far to take advantage of Dr. Finger’s advanced techniques. It is clear the goal of the practice is not only to instill confidence and garner trust through integrity and honesty, but to offer individualized, full spectrum face and body treatments founded upon proven scientific approaches and the benefits of a well-designed regimen.
When queried about his top tips for anti-aging, Dr. Finger shared some wise words. As he explained, “Some of the simplest things can be very beneficial for anti-aging. This includes eating properly, exercising regularly, the use of proper supplements and achieving and maintaining hormonal balance. The simple truth is if you look better, then you are likely to feel better.” Dr. Finger is the author of Why
Grow Old” a book about anti-aging. The book offers useful tips such as how to avoid premature aging by limiting gluten and excess sugar to prevent glycation (read about glycation or glycosalation) and AGEs.
While beauty has become synonymous with ‘good looks’ or outstanding physical attributes, Dr. Finger has been taking beauty to the next level for women and men of all ages through his unique advanced approaches. Following treatment with Dr. Finger, you will feel more youthful and rejuvenated. To defy aging and imperfections, take a break by getting on the quest with a personal session in a top notch cosmetic practice. You can custom design a fitting approach for your busy lifestyle this season.
The ravages of imperfections of the aging process need not be evident any longer. There are several types of procedures that can help preserve a youthful appearance, turn back the hands of time and vastly improve bothersome features. What’s your Rx?

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