Plastic Surgery Recovery

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Tips for care after Plastic Surgery- Finger and Associates

What To Expect For Your Recovery

Ready for your transformation? Plastic surgery can be an amazing and rewarding experience. We at Finger and Associates want to make sure we take the right steps so your recovery is smooth & comfortable and your results are astonishing. Read our best tips on how to care for yourself after your procedure.

Read Our 6 Plastic Surgery Recovery Tips

1) Have someone you can rely on to support you! You may need a family member or friend to help you around the house (depending on the surgery) but always make sure to have someone you can call for assistance.

2) Always avoid strenuous activity but don’t stay in bed all day! Go for light walks to prevent blood clots and keep you healthy.

3) Keep cold compresses and ice packs close to reducing swelling! Be sure to keep your head elevated after facial surgery!

4) Be open and honest with your surgeon. It is vital to your surgery that your plastic surgeon is aware of your previous medical history & medications. After the procedure, be open about how you are feeling.

5) Plan for your recovery! While your body heals, your activities will be limited. Make sure you pick plenty of good books, shows, puzzles, and other low energy things you can do!

6) Don’t be discouraged by the immediate results of your case! Expect to see swelling, bruising, and minimal scarring while you heal. Remember that you are still in the process of healing. Don’t be afraid to look forward to your results!

Breast Augmentation Recovery

How long? 6 to 8 Weeks

What to expect: Patients often resume light activity after one day, but nothing strenuous and nothing that requires a lot of energy. Wear the garments and compression and avoid wearing constrictive clothes over them. Unless your job requires heavy lifting, most patients can return after one week. Patients should avoid sleeping on their stomach and wait to exercise for at least seven days.

Mommy Makeover Recovery

How long? 3 to 12 Months (depending on procedures involved)

What to expect: Take antibiotics and wear compression or support garments as directed. Avoid wearing constrictive clothes over the garments. We highly advised patients to eat a high fiber-based diet to avoid strenuous bowel movement. If your makeover includes a tummy tuck, avoid standing up straight for a week and avoid sun exposure for two months to prevent scars from becoming painful and discolored.

Liposuction Recovery

How long? About 6 Weeks

What to expect: Be sure to strictly follow your doctor’s instructions on caring for any drains at surgical sites. Wear the garments and compression and avoid wearing constrictive clothes over them. Patients can return to work in 2 weeks and light exercise after 4 weeks, but absolutely no heaving lifting. Pain and soreness leave after about one month.

Facelift Recovery

How long? About 2 Months

What to expect: Patients should wear clothes that are easy to put on. Be sure to keep incision sites dry and clean and avoid bathing and showering for the first few days. Rest with your head elevated for the first few weeks and eat soft foods for one week. Use cool compresses to reduce swelling and soreness. Keep activity low for the first few weeks and protect your face from direct sunlight.

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Everyone’s bodies are different, but seeing our patient’s results can give you an idea of how your’s will look! Take a look at our Facelift Gallery, our Breast Augmentation Gallery, Liposuction Gallery, and our Mommy Makeover Gallery.

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