Neck Wrinkles and what to do!!

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“What surgical treatments are most effective in treating neck wrinkles?”

There are basically three reasons for neck wrinkles: Thin skin, usually from sun damage or smoking; saggy skin from a saggy face; and weight loss. Both excess UV light and smoking destroy collagen and elastin fibers.

The treatments are, therefore, to thicken and/or tighten the skin. Thicker skin doesn’t wrinkle as easily but loose skin does. The treatment must be directed to the causes, but none of the treatments work as well with continued sun exposure and smoking.

How to get rid of neck wrinklesTightening the skin requires either removal of excess skin with a facelift, an ablative laser treatment; or very specific application of heat, which tightens collagen and elastin fibers.. With a facelift, remember that the excess skin in the neck came mostly from the face as gravity pulls downward. This is the reason that a facelift should pull upward against gravity and not backwards. A surgical neck only lift with incisions behind the ear can be effective, but often does not look natural as the excess neck skin did not come from behind the ear. Plus, the result is often a tight neck with a saggy face.

A Fraxel Restore (a CO2 laser) is another method of removing skin and can remove up to 20% of the skin, also tightening the skin, but must be expertly performed. Applying heat with laser or radio frequency, as with the ThermiTight also tightens the neck or any loose skin as well.

Finally, a good anti-aging skin care system will: restore the cells that produce the skin, thicken the skin, and reduce glycation, which removes the debris from elastin fibers allowing them to tighten and, therefore, reducing the wrinkles. This should be used in combination with any surgical treatment or laser to further reduce wrinkles.

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