Less Known Cosmetic Procedures

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Less Known Cosmetic Procedures

Less known cosmetic procedures can aid in returning youthfulness to men and women. Everyone knows about facelifts, eyelid lifts, nose jobs, mommy make-overs, and various breast procedures. This is about less well-know surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures that can make a big difference.

Less Known Cosmetic Procedures For Hands

Have you ever heard, ” You can always tell a patient’s age by looking at their hands”? There are multiple solutions for this according to the individual: the atrophic skin revealing the veins, bones and tendons can be treated quickly with injections of fat, or various fillers, such as Restylane or Juvederm products, and the difference is immediate and dramatic. For age spots the Fraxel laser or LaserGenesis can be effectively used.

Less Known Cosmetic Procedures For Brows

For saggy brows, fillers can be used in the forehead and under the brow itself. Many brows sag because of loss of the youthful mound under the brow and into the forehead that is lost with aging. This takes just a few minute, is relatively painless, and the result is immediate. The Fraxel laser, the ThermiSmooth and Laser Genesis are additional procedures that further raise the brow and augment the youthful appearance of the forehead.

Less Known Cosmetic Procedures For Earlobes

Large earlobes seem to occur with age, and this is partly from heavy earrings constantly weighing the earlobes into thin, droopy appendages. If too thin, a filler injection can suffice, as with
Restylane or Juvederm. If the problem is also size, a minor surgical procedure will reduce them. Often a combination may be necessary for optimum results.

Less Known Cosmetic Procedures For Nose

As we get older, we lose size in our maxillary bone (the bone our upper teeth are attached to). This can result in a droopy nose. A long term filler, such as Voluma, can be injected over the maxilla just under the center of the nose, the columella, and this will turn the nose up beautifully. Crooked noses can often be also treated effectively with fillers injected into the depressions to create symmetry.

Less Known Cosmetic Procedures For Lips

As one ages, the upper lip gets thinner and longer. This increase in length can be reduced with what is called a “buck-horn” lip lift, and excision (removed) of usually about 0.5mm of skin just under the nose to achieve the ideal length of 14-15mm. The name refers to the shape of the excision, and this is done under local anesthesia in a few minutes. Fillers and Fraxel lasers are used for the wrinkles.

Less known cosmetic procedure

Less known cosmetic procedures can aid in giving you a more taut body as well as tighter skin, and less wrinkles and stretch marks.

Did you know that ThermiSmooth is effective for lose skin, though Thermismooth is one of the less known Cosmetic Procedures it shows great outcome when 4-6 treatments are completed 

Non-surgical both reduction of fat and skin tightening can be achieved with radio frequency, as in the ThermiSmooth, ThermiTight, or ThermiVA (for vaginal restoration and stress incontinence). The fat reduction appears to be permanent, and the skin tightening lasts a year or longer. It is typically applied to the neck, arms, wrinkles around the eyes, abdomen, thighs, and “love-handles.” It would be effective for mild to moderate “man-boobs” (gynecomastia) as well. Either no anesthesia or local anesthesia are needed, and mild to no recovery time is needed.


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