Expert Answers by Dr. E. Ronald Finger

Expert Answers by Dr. E.Ronald Finger

Are you looking for expert answers from a true expert on Savannah plastic surgery? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Dr. E. Ronald Finger has been rated #1 in Georgia and #10 in the USA, by  Rate MD’s in 2015. His appreciation of medicine developed at a young age, when he assisted his father in surgery.

Raised in Marion, South Carolina, Dr. Finger graduated first from Emory University and then Medical University of South Carolina. He then traveled to Atlanta, Georgia for an internship at Grady Memory Hospital.

Now, Dr. Finger is part of the University of South Florida in Tampa.

In 1969, Dr. Finger joined the United States Air Force. After spending four years on the force, he had become chief resident of one of the largest birth defect clinics in the military. This, plus war injuries, provided experience that has lasted him a lifetime.

In 1973, Dr. Finger is board certified and a member of the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He married his wife, Cheryl. Then, he returned home to the Southeast and began plans to create the first outpatient plastic surgery center in Georgia.


Expert Answers E. Ronald Finger, MD Expert Answers
E. Ronald Finger, MD

His career has been pull of “firsts” ever since, making Dr. Finger a wonderful source for expert answers on Savannah plastic surgery.

Let’s look at a few answers from 

Dr. Finger is considered an expert in his field of plastic surgery and has been practicing in Savannah since 1973.

Patient Question:

“My large hanging abdomen has me really depressed and I have been researching procedures but am curious to know what you guys suggest. Liposuction? Skin Removal? I am 32 in perfect health, 4 c-sections.”

Expert Answer:

If you have a ton of extra skin from losing and gaining weight and multiple pregnancies, you  are probably a much better candidate for a complete tummy tuck, also called an abdominoplasty. A liposuction would leave you with too much excess. However, it would be best to have a liposuction of your flanks at the same time as the tummy tuck. Thank you for your question.

Patient Question:

“I have lost fat in my forehead. I don’t have wrinkles as of yet. I’d like to add fat so there is no longer a dent, but also a bit more roundness and fullness. I see that they do this a lot in Korea to create a round forehead. Is this a good option?”

Expert Answer: Yes, fat can be transferred to your forehead and brow to replace lost volume. Fat transfer to the face can be done with a facelift or independently.  Thank you for your question.

“Is forty-eight hours an absolute period for everyone not to drink prior to plastic surgery? Typically, I drink approximately 16 ounces of Moscato per night. I also drink several bottles of water per day. I have had several prior cosmetic procedures without abiding by the forty-eight hour rule. Just luck?”

Expert Answer: Alcohol is a diuretic and causes some dehydration. This is not good during surgery. In addition, alcohol tends to inhibit your clotting mechanism, which causes additional bleeding and bruising. You should discuss this with your surgeon, but forty-eight hours sounds very reasonable to me.”  Thank you for your question.

Have you enjoyed the expert answers you’ve seen so far? Take a look at more of Dr. Finger’s answers by visiting Realself a popular review site where patients can find answers to their plastic surgery questions. Dr. Finger is a Top Doctor on Realself and has not only answered over 720 questions, but is also actively responding to his patients daily. He has 6 websites and can be easily found on any search engine by simply typing in his name. We have a feeling you’ll like what you see.

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