Dr. Finger Q&A about Breast Implants in Savannah, Georgia

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Breast augmentation surgery increases the size and improves the shape of a woman’s breasts. At Finger & Associates Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Finger usually uses the inframammary incision for insertion of the implants because of the better visibility and more sterile approach, but the periareolar (around the nipple) can also be done according to the patient’s preference. In reality, all incisions are very inconspicuous if sutures properly. We are also able to place implants above or below the chest muscles, depending on the patient’s needs and desires. The position and type of the implant and location of the incision most advantageous to each patient will be determined through a carefully orchestrated consultation process. During this process, one of our expert surgeons will analyze your existing breast size and shape, overall body dimensions, and personal preferences. Newly developed, High-profile breast and Moderate Plusimplants are proven to reduce visible rippling and may be the implant of choice for many patients striving for a more balanced appearanceaccording to the patient’s chest measurments. We offer cohesive gel implants on a common basis for most patients. Such implants are designed to have an attractive and predictable shape and if they are ruptured, the gel does not leak out. Rarely do we use Saline Implants any more. Our breast implant augmentation practice extends from Savannah to Atlanta, Georgia and throughout the Southeast. The cost of breast augmentation surgery can most accurately be determined through consultation with one of Finger & Associate’s plastic surgeon

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