Compare Botox with Restylane for treatment of tired eyes

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Botox and Restylane are entirely different products with different effects and purposes.

Botox basically relaxes the injected muscles. This is excellent for the frown lines and crow’s feet, but it would not make your eyes look less tired. Restylane is a filler and is used to elevate depressions or hollows in the face.

Tired looking eyes are usually from droopy upper eyelids, which requires removal of the extra skin. This procedure is called an upper lid blepharoplasty and can be done under local anesthesia.

Bags under the lower eyelids are also a very common cause of tired looking eyes. The bags cause a shadow under the eyes that people equate to dark circles. This must be addressed according to the individual problem. Sometimes bags are not present, but there is still a depression under the eyes causing the dark circles. In either case, Restylane is an excellent solution. It is used to fill the depression, which reduces the shadow. Virtually everyone eventually gets this problem with increasing age.

Technique for injecting under the eyes is critical. A soft point microcannula should be used to avoid bleeding and subsequent black eyes, and Restylane or any product must be injected with only drops per needle or cannula pass at a time into each area to avoid lumps. Patients are usually elated with the results, and the procedure only takes 20-30 minutes. Black eyes, when using the microcannular, are rare.

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