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by Kristin Mock on Blank Business Name
PERFECT experience

Dr. Finger and his staff are simply the best! From the consult, pre-op, many pre-op calls, up to the surgery, and post-op, A+! I felt so at ease, the nurses answered all of my worried calls the weeks and days up to surgery without a hint of annoyance, even when I called multiple times in the same day about paperwork. Dr. Finger always had a smile on his face and made me feel totally comfortable. I was able to try on sizers, try on different shirts, and bring a friend to help me consult. On surgery day, the surgical staff were so accommodating, professional, and sweet. I was nervous, and they took care of my concerns. Because I had nausea in previous medical procedures, they took every effort to prevent it, and I had none! Dr. Finger touched base and made sure everything was good to go before the surgery. Afterward, he called me that night to check on me! I had ZERO nausea, was able to stop pain meds on Post-Op day 2, and was able to go for a walk on PO Day 3. No complications, absolutely thrilled with my results! It was a piece of cake. Don't hesitate to set up a consult.

by Hilton Head on Blank Business Name
Facelift and Rhinoplasty

Dr. Finger and his staff performed a facelift and Rhinoplasty for me in 2015 and I am still thrilled with it. It looks great; skin is tight and the work is very natural. I would be comfortable having other procedures done by Dr. Finger and his team. They are very professional and Dr. Finger is very talented is knowing what needs to be done make you look your best without it looking like anything was done.

by Anonymous on Blank Business Name

Doctor Finger and his staff are very welcoming and very humble. He made sure I looked just right and assured me I would like them. Doctor finger answered all the questions I had. I very much recommend Doctor Finger. He does a marvelous job. He is located in Savannah. I am overly joyed and love the outcome of my procedure.

by Hilton Head on Blank Business Name
I highly recommend this team

I had my hair transplant 7 months ago and now hundreds and hundreds of new hairs are growing in and more every week.
I also had the PRP treatment before the transplant and I think it helped. My wife now wants to have the PRP treatments for her thinning hair. I highly recommend Dr. Finger and his team.

Still Amazed

Two years later and I am still amazed! Just a look at post op pics confirms I made the correct decision, for both my health and looks. Thanks again Dr. Finger and Associates you made me feel like part of your family.

by Realself Review on Blank Business Name

I have been talking about having a breast augmentation since I was 16. It has been something that I have been extremely self conscious about most my life. Because I finally had made my decision after 10 years of wanting this,I decided to just do it. I was REALLY nervous on the outcome, if I would like them and what my friends and family would say.
Dr Finger and his staff were AMAZING. They helped meet my needs and wants and not worrying about what others thought about it. I feel great with what we picked out. I am starting to feel more and more confident body and about my body. My clothes are fitting the way I always wanted them to!! It is an adjusting and something new to get used to but I love my new girls!(and so does my husband) A few days before surgery I was really nervous and unsure of my final decision. I called to talk to a nurse and see if I could get in just to double check my size etc, I ended up not going in,, BUT the nurse answered ALL 1000 questions I had and she made me feel 100% confident in my choice. I probably talked to her for 15-20 minutes! She was great! The day of surgery the nurses/surgery staff were GREAT and funny I was so relaxed! I loved them!
Follow up visits and making sure I was recovering well reassured me that I picked the best Doctor and staff in Savannah to have my surgery! I'd recommend them to anyone in the area.

by Chris F on Blank Business Name
Dr. Finger is amazing 5 Stars all the way

Amazing doctor! He did a lot of great, yet natural looking work (Blepharoplasty, breast implants, lipo, scar revision, skin care) on my fiancee and has been like a family member to her since she was 21. I get to see first hand why he is so awesome. I have been using New Youth Skin Care (developed by Dr.Finger) for 2 month, (I am a 45 year old african american male).
My skin has improved so much that people that know me have made comments about how great my skin looks. Mostly my under eye- circles and my pores have improved, not to forget the dark spots are fading away. She has been telling me to use the skin care for years, she is the same age and has been using it for years. I highly recommend this skin care for my complexion as well as olive skin, it has almost eliminated my her spots as well. (she is olive skin). We both look ten years younger and are super happy about the results.

Thanks to the genius Dr. F

by Gay Stone on Blank Business Name
NeoGraft and PRP Success

Over the past several years, my hair has been falling out, especially right on the front top. I am a 58 year old woman and my hair loss made me feel like I was 80. My hair loss was completely genetic and no known medical condition was the cause. I saw Dr E Ronald Finger and after a short discussion, Dr Finger felt I would be a good candidate for the Neograph procedure since I still have a lot of hair on the sides and back of my head. 10 days prior to my procedure we did the PRP where they draw out your own blood, spin it and get the plasma out and then Dr Finger injected it into my soon to be graft spots. Dr. Finger warned me that usually most of the grafts fall out but the folicals stay in place. He was hoping that the PRP would help keep so much from falling out after the Neographs. On the day of the procedure, I was met by Dr Finger and the Neograph Procedure Team which consisted of three women. I was given some medication by mouth to relax me and also a pain pill as prescribed by Dr Finger. They pulled up and taped up a good bit of my hair in the back so that they could shave a strip all the way across the back of my head. They then deadened all of the area with lidocaine and proceeded to harvest 1,700 grafts. They then deaden the top of my head and transplanted the grafts. The entire procedure took about 3 1/2 hours. Dr Finger and the Neograph team gave me detailed instructions on how to care for my head. I did have a reaction to the lidocaine but this is a rare thing but leave it to me.... Anyway, after approximately 8 weeks after the procedure I am proud to say that the majority of my hair grafts did not fall out and I feel it was entirely due to the PRP procedure, the advise given by Dr Finger and the Neograph Team. I feel so much better and even though I am still very thin on top and it is short, the hairs are growing. Dr Finger assures me it will take at least up to 12 months before I will see the final result of my Neographs. I am very satisfied and so pleased that I took that step. I feel better about myself, feel and look younger and can't wait to see what it will look like in a year.

I highly recommend that if you do plan to have some hair grafts done, you will have the PRP before the grafts. I feel that it will give you the best results and you will get a jump start on your new hair growth.

ALL of Dr Finger's Staff are great including the financial department, receptionists, and all medical staff. They make you feel well cared for and are excited with you.

Difference in just one day!

I have been out of the New Youth Products for several months. After just one day of using the New Youth I could tell a difference in my skin.


This is a review for Anna at Dr E Ronald Finger's Office
5 Stars is an understatement!

Anna is amazingly experienced and applies her know how when it comes to the aging skin.
I am impressed with my results after receiving my first clinical facial for an affordable price.
At 46 I need all the help I can get.
She utilized steaming, derma-planing and the derma roller during my facial and applied Dr. Finger's New Youth Skin Care during the process.
The next time I will actually try PRP therapy with her and I am scheduling for a Fraxel Laser treatment before summer.
Again I thank Anna for her awesome skills and making me feel beautiful, my skin is still glowing a week later.

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