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Why choose GOTATTless Tattoo Removal?

GoTATTless Tattoo Removal is the latest  NON-LASER TATTOO REMOVAL SYSTEM that can produce permanent results without the pain or inconveniences of Laser Tattoo Removal. 

Don’t laser the ink and the metals into your skin and bloodstream. There is a more natural way, GoTattless Tattoo Removal. is an approved medical solution that “pulls the ink” out of the skin using nature’s way of healing your skin. The result: The ink is gone and your skin is healthy. It’s even healthy enough for another tattoo if you want!
Our Nurse Dallas and our Esthetician Anna are trained “Go Tattless”   providers and look forward to meeting you at our office in Savannah at Finger & Associates.

GoTattless Tattoo Removal The GoTATTless Tatoo Removal Works!

GoTattless Non-Laser Tattoo Removal creates a more accurate permanent removal result for an old tattoo, no matter what method or what ink was used. The goal is to provide the most gentle and relaxing experience possible. During your consultation, we will explain the process and answer all of your questions concerning your Tattoo Removal and the estimated amount of treatments needed. Once your consultation is complete it’s time to get you “un-inked”! There are just four easy steps per treatment.


The first step of the GoTattless Tattoo Removal process is to simply assess a starting point and create the best plan to remove the first section of your tattoo.

The second step in the GoTattless Tattoo Removal process is prepping the skin for the procedure. During this time we clean and apply our proprietary non-abrasive products to your skin.

Step 3 of the GoTattless Tattoo Removal process is the part when your tattoo is actually removed. During step three our scar inhibiting formula is working away to “un-Ink” your skin.

Step four is our favorite! This is when you smile and breathe a sigh of relief. We simply cover the treated area so it will not get wet and schedule your next treatment. On average 4-6 treatments will remove the tattoo permanently. Again, in order to determine the exact amount of treatments needed the first step is the consult. 

Questions and Answers about GoTATTless Tattoo Removal

How much is the treatment? 

The treatment is affordable and starts at $150 per treatment depending on the size of the tattoo.

Are there any downsides to the treatment? 

Yes, the area of treatment has to be covered and remain dry at all times. Waterproof bandages and covers must be used when showering or engaging in activities that can cause the area to get wet. 

New to the area?

Surrounding areas near Savannah include Pooler, Richmond Hill,  Hinesville, Bluffton SC, and Hilton Head SC.

Our Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. E. Ronald Finger brought GoTattless Tattoo Removal to Savannah because he believes in providing alternatives to old methods of Tattoo Removal. Non-Laser Tattoo Removal is the way of the future.


GoTATTless Tattoo Removal Choose Doctor Finger E. Ronald Finger, MD, FACS

“Another First and Exclusive in Savannah.”
With all the folks out there looking for effective Tattoo removal solutions, GoTattless Tattoo Removal seemed like the right thing to do!



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