Among the most popular procedures in the field of plastic surgery are those that enhance the appearance of the breasts. These treatments can restore balance to the body’s proportions and improve contours, increasing the patient’s self-confidence and comfort. At our Savannah, Georgia practice, we offer both breast augmentation and breast lift, which can be either performed separately or combined for optimal results.

breast enlargement Savannah Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery increases the size and improves the shape of a woman’s breasts by placing a saline or silicone implant beneath the breast tissue or chest muscle. This procedure is popular with women who feel that their breasts are too small for their bodies, as well as women whose breasts have decreased in size due to weight loss or pregnancy. At Finger and Associates Plastic Surgery Center, our skilled surgeons strive for natural-looking results that our patients can feel good about.

There is a wide range of options for today’s breast augmentation patients. The size, shape, and type of implant, as well as the location of the incision and the placement of the implant, are all decisions that should be made through in-depth discussion between patient and surgeon.

Dr. Finger performs all of the currently available breast augmentation techniques, including the transaxillary approach, which uses an incision in the underarm area. The more traditional options are the inframammary incision in the crease beneath the breast and the periareolar incision at the edge of the areola. Some of these methods can only be used with saline implants, so patients who are having silicone or cohesive gel implants placed will have fewer options for the placement of their incisions.

At our Savannah, Georgia practice, breast augmentation and breast lift are often combined to create an thoroughly enhanced and rejuvenated appearance. Patients undergoing this type of procedure will have more extensive incisions and scarring than those having a breast augmentation alone.

The Rapid Recovery System

Recovery from breast augmentation surgery used to be a slow and painful ordeal. With the rapid recovery system, pioneered by Dallas plastic surgeon John B. Tebbetts, patients can return to their normal activities much more quickly and endure much less discomfort. By using a special technique to create the pocket for the implant, our surgeons reduce the impact of the surgery on the surrounding tissue, resulting in less bruising and eliminating the need for drainage tubes or compression garments.

Breast Auto-Augmentation

“Auto” is an abbreviation of “autologous,” meaning one’s own tissue. Auto-augmentation is a relatively new technique that lifts and augments the breast using the patient’s own tissues. While a traditional breast lift can restore the breast to a more youthful shape and position, it cannot provide the fullness at the top of the breast that some women desire. Prior to the development of the auto-augmentation technique,  breast implants View 3D Demonstration were the only way to create this shape. With this procedure, a portion of the patient’s breast tissue is positioned in such a way as to add fullness to the top of the breast, enhancing cleavage without necessitating the use of an artificial implant.

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